St. George's Anglican Church                             St. Paul's Anglican Church          
Battleford, Saskatchewan                           North Battleford, Saskatchewan    
Music: “NO NEED TO FEAR” by Wintley Phipps


The SANCTUARY - With its beautiful Oak furnishings and fourteen Stained Glass windows has a capacity for 250 parishioners and a Choir with stalls for 30.

The Parish Hall

The PARISH HALL - is on the north side
of the church and has a seating
capacity of 270 people.
This hall has a full kitchen known as
"The Bessie Rogers kitchen."

The Narthex The Narthex

(is a vestibule
within a church leading to the sanctuary)

The Nursery The Library

<---- Nursery      

      Library ---->

Our Church has the "Jim Gillies room" (Nursery), the "Winnifred Best room" (Library), two offices and a meeting room for under 25 people called the "Irene Webb room."

Our lower Parish Hall is used by the North Battleford Daycare Center.

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